Butanol a clean burning fuel

The BTU content of butanol is common knowledge to everyone familiar with the fuel. It contains about 92% of the content of gasoline but gets slightly better gas mileage because it burns very cleanly, producing no NOX, SOX or carbon monoxide and produces more engine torque. It is also safer to handle than either gasoline or ethanol.

Butanol can also be shipped via existing gas pipelines, which ethanol cannot. Bio-diesel from alge is a most promising diesel alternative fuel, but 2/3 of the motor fuel used in North America is gasoline, not diesel.Butanol can actually be mixed with diesel, and bio-diesel has some undesirable cold flow characteristics which make its use problematical in cold climates without additives or the addition of fuel heaters.

Advantages of Butanol:
1.Energy density only 10% below gasoline.
2. Octane rating 25% higher than gasoline.
3. Doesn’t eat away at plastic or rubber engine parts (like ethanol/methanol).
4. Can be pumped/stored/transported in same equipment as gasoline.
5. Any percentage gas + butanol (1 to 100%) will run in today’s cars, no modifications are required unlike ethanol fuelled cars.
6. Butanol does not absorb water like ethanol or methanol (long-term storage=no problem).
7. Butanol burns cleaner than gasoline, ethanol or methanol.