Patent number: 6712215

A method of recovering solvent from oil sand tailings


A method of solvent recovery from oil sand extraction plant tailings, using 180 degree opposing steam-assisted accelerating nozzles, impacting on each other’s high velocity jets, thus creating an impact area at the point of collision, creating an exceedingly large number of small droplets having a very large surface area exposed to the depressurized environment inside the vessel in which the nozzles are mounted. The diluents thus escaping from the tiny droplets is collected from the vessel space and recovered by condensation in a surface condenser and returned to the process. Download Patent 6712215 This document is in PDF format.

Patent number: 6010677

A method for removing hydrogen sulfide out of liquid sulfur


A process for removing hydrogen sulfide out of liquid sulfur is provided by passing liquid sulfur and saturated steam through at least one acceleration nozzle within a container maintained at less than atmospheric pressure. The saturated steam and liquid sulfur discharged from the acceleration nozzles converge at a common point outside the acceleration nozzle and collide against an impact target so that hydrogen sulfide is removed out of the liquid sulfur. Two acceleration nozzles may be used positioned on a common plane with the outlets of the nozzles facing each other. The discharged steam adiabatically expands within the container which causes the discharged streams to accelerate and which also causes the temperature of the liquid sulfur to drop. Download Patent 6010677 This document is in PDF format.