Algae CO2 Capture- Algae to BioDiesel – Algae to Fish and Animal Feed

Algae Pending Projects

Coal Emulsion – Coal Water Fuel

Coal Emulsion Pending Projects

Gasifiers and Power Production

Gasification Pending Projects

Heavy Oil Upgrader – Wavechem Inc.


Pending Projects

Hydrogen – Coal to Methane

lHydrogen Pending Projects

Additional Potential Projects:

Alberta Tar Sands Hydrogen Gas plant –This project is budgeted with a total Capital cost of US$13 million and is forecasted to be profitable in its first year of operation. Project location: Alberta Canada. Input: OTR (Off The Road) shredded tires and petroleum coke. Output: Hydrogen gas.

Wood to Hydrogen gas plant – This project is budgeted at US$12.96 million and a projected 22% return on investment in the first year. Project location: Alberta Canada. Input: Wood waste. Output: Hydrogen and CO2; Synthetic natural gas. The project will qualify as a green project