What is Butanol

Butanol is a 4-carbon alcohol that can be manufactured from grains or from cellulose–that is—-plant matter. Unlike ethanol, you can make butanol from corn, or the cornstalk, or any other plant, or even plant-based trash, like paper. Unlike ethanol, you can fill your car—old, new, whatever—with a tank-full of butanol and it will run without modifications, almost as far as you go on a tank of regular unleaded. In short, it’s an almost ideal gasoline replacement. Do you want a renewable fuel that lets you keep the car you have now? Butanol is the fuel of choice. You want a fuel that can be made from any plant matter, not just edible plants, but instead wood waste from large lumber operations are ideal. In fact any carbon source such low cost lignite coal which is very abundant world-wide and or petroleum coke which is currently stockpiled in massive volumes at most refining operations globally Butanol is the fuel of the future.

Our process PyStr™ can produce butanol, ethanol or methanol from lignite coal as well as all the aforementioned feed-stocks. However unlike other processes our technology produces these higher alcohols from gasification and not fermentation, which is energy intensive. Our process gasifies any of these carbon sources to Syngas which in simpler terms is hydrogen gas + CO2 gas. This gas is then introduced to a converter which is typically a catalyst bed vessel specifically designed to yield liquid butanol, ethanol or methanol. This specific catalyst creates a gas to liquid reaction which recombines specific molecules. It is important to note that if butanol is created, then a specific catalyst must be used. The catalyst varies depending upon the end product desired.

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Patents and Inventions

Patents and Inventions

Patent number 6712215
A method of solvent recovery from oil sand extraction plant tailings, using 180 degree opposing steam assisted accelerating nozzles.
Pyrolysis Steam Reformer

Pyrolysis Steam Reformer

The Pystr Technology system incorporates a novel,getting , very high heat transfer direct fuel and sorbent contact reactor which is utilized
Modular Fluidized Bed

Modular Fluidized Bed

Gas Generator
Fluidized bed gasification has been successfully used to convert biomass wastes (wood, bark, and agri wastes) into a clean fuel

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Alberta Tar Sands Hydrogen Gas plant

This project is budgeted with a total Capital cost of US$13 million and is forecasted to be profitable in its first year of operation. Project location: Alberta Canada. Input: OTR (Off The Road) shredded tires and petroleum coke. Output: Hydrogen gas

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